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Partner in Justice: Toolkit

Posted April 14, 2022
6:00 am

Welcome to your Legal Aid Partner in Justice Toolkit!

Below are some tips and resources to help you promote Legal Aid with your colleagues.

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Thank you for your service as a Partner in Justice. You are a valued advocate for our mission, and we appreciate how you passionately champion Legal Aid.

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Our Brief Advice Clinics are back in-person and in the community. We would love for you and your colleagues, no matter the size of the group, to join us for an upcoming clinic. Share our clinic schedule using this link:

Or if you have more time to dedicate, check out our Take a Case page which is updated in real time with cases. Here is the link for you to share among your colleagues:

IN THE NEWS – Client Robyn King Testifies at U.S. Senate Hearing

So often, the practice of law puts us in the position of speaking for our clients - our client testifies to the facts, and we explain why the facts are important. At the end of March, Legal Aid client Ms. Robyn King passionately told her story at a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on medical debt. Ms. King explained why her story was important and what the Senate should do to help struggling Americans who are faced with significant medical debt.

Ms. King’s mother was struggling with Alzheimer’s and needed more care than her family could provide. Ms. King placed her mother in a nursing home and made sure to check the box on the forms that she did not agree to be personally liable for her mother’s bills. Unfortunately, the facility came after her anyway for a sum of nearly $80,000. Legal Aid helped Ms. King stop the lawsuit and renewed her family’s financial independence.


Watch the video recording here (Robyn King’s testimony begins at 15:10)


Jimena met Jason (names changed for privacy) while she was visiting Cleveland and sparks flew immediately. They started a relationship, which continued after Jimena returned to her hometown in Columbia. Later, Jason visited Jimena in Columbia and met her parents. Together they returned to the United States and got married in April 2018.

Jimena was on a tourist visa at the time, and after their wedding Jason filed a green card application on her behalf. Shortly after, Jason began abusing Jimena – threatening her, hitting and kicking her, and at one point – breaking a bottle over her head. It got so bad, Jimena contacted the police.

Not only was she scared for her safety, but she was in legal limbo – her tourist visa had expired, but her green card application had not yet been processed. She was completely reliant on her husband to provide for her, and the abuse was intensifying.

Thankfully, Jimena found her way to Legal Aid. A Legal Aid attorney helped Jimena file for divorce and represented her during the divorce proceedings. With Legal Aid’s assistance, Jimena’s divorce from her abusive spouse was granted.

Meanwhile, another Legal Aid attorney got to work on Jimena’s immigration paperwork, filing a new green card application under the Violence Against Women Act, overriding the prior application filed by her now ex-husband. After months of delays because of the pandemic, Jimena’s application was finally approved.

Jimena is now a Lawful Permanent Resident, safe from her abuser, with her own independent legal status – all thanks to Legal Aid’s assistance.


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