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Partner in Justice: Toolkit

Posted February 10, 2023
6:00 am

Thank you for being a Partner in Justice! This toolkit has resources to help you promote Legal Aid with your colleagues. If you have specific questions, toggle to the bottom of the page for staff contact info.



United Way of Greater Cleveland and The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland delivered an independent evaluation to City of Cleveland leaders highlighting the success of Cleveland’s Right to Counsel in eviction cases.

Since the implementation of Right to Counsel in 2020, Legal Aid has been successful in avoiding disruptive displacement for 90% of Right to Counsel clients facing eviction.

Prior to the launch of Right to Counsel, Court data indicated that only 1%-2% of all tenants were represented by an attorney in eviction proceedings in Cleveland. Based on Stout’s analysis, in 2022 more people asserted their Right to Counsel, and approximately 79% of all eligible Cleveland households facing eviction were represented by Legal Aid. 

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Monique, a hard-working, single mother, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite her best efforts to support herself and her young children, Monique lost two jobs due to pandemic-related staff reductions. She also contracted the coronavirus, which further inhibited her ability to find gainful employment.

Due to her precarious financial situation, Monique found herself unable to pay rent. She investigated taking out a loan and applied for rental assistance. However, after her application was rejected, she felt stuck. Her hardship was then compounded when her landlord filed an eviction case against her.

After learning about Legal Aid’s free legal help for people facing eviction, Monique eagerly reached out. She connected with a Legal Aid lawyer, and they went right to work. Monique’s lawyer helped her refile a rental assistance application and guided her through the process. He reassured her throughout the waiting period and accompanied Monique at her court hearings.

Monique’s rental assistance application was approved, she was able to pay her landlord and the eviction case against her was dismissed. Due to Monique and her Legal Aid lawyer’s collaboration, she remained safe and secure in her home. Legal Aid’s advocacy was instrumental in securing housing stability for Monique and her young family.



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