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Legal Cases

Legal Aid represents clients (individuals and groups) in transactions, negotiation, litigation, and administrative settings.

Legal Aid also provides assistance to pro se individuals and advises individuals, so they are equipped to make decisions based on professional guidance.

The issues Legal Aid addresses in legal cases:

  • Improve safety and health: Secure safety for survivors of domestic violence and other crimes, increase access to health care, improve health and safety of homes, and mitigate the social determinants of health.
  • Promote economic security and education: Increase access to quality education, increase income and assets, reduce debt, and reduce disparities in income and wealth.
  • Secure stable and decent housing: Increase availability and accessibility of affordable housing, improve housing stability, and improve housing conditions.
  • Improve accountability and accessibility of the justice system and government entities: Increase meaningful access to courts and government agencies, decrease financial barriers to the courts, and increase access to justice for self-represented litigants.

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