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People with Disabilities

Are you, or is someone you care about, a person with a disability?  You may have questions about civil legal issues affecting people with disabilities. Legal Aid may be able to help you with some of these matters.

    • Do you have questions about how to request a reasonable modification or accommodation from a government agency (e.g. the Department of Job and Family Services)?
    • Do you have questions about requesting a reasonable accommodation for housing?
    • Do you have a child with a disability who needs more support in school?
    • Are you having problems with public benefits like Social Security or Medicaid?
    • Do you have questions about using a representative payee for Social Security?
    • Do you have questions about guardianship, powers of attorney, or supportive decision making?

If you would like to apply for help, contact the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland at 888.817.3777. Legal Aid also provides free civil legal advice for low-income individuals at our Brief Advice Clinics. Be sure to bring all important paperwork with you.

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