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Who does Legal Aid help? Am I eligible?

Legal Aid helps people with low-income. Households with income less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines may qualify.

In addition to inquiring about income, we prioritize cases where people face significant risk and Legal Aid attorneys can make a positive difference. Legal Aid has limited resources and cannot help everyone. All requests and referrals for Legal Aid services are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The current (2023) income guidelines are:

Family size: Annual Income
Annual Income
1 $22,763 $36,420
2 $30,800 $49,280
3 $38,838 $62,140
4 $46,875 $75,000
5 $54,913 $87,860
6 $62,950 $100,720
7 $70,988 $113,580

Again, because of limited resources - income is not the only criteria for a new Legal Aid case.  Contact us to see if your case is one we can handle.

Updated September 2023 

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