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I’m a U.S. Veteran – How Can Legal Aid Help Me?

Are you a low-income U.S. Veteran facing problems with:


  • Have you been denied VA benefits because of a less than honorable discharge?
  • Have your veteran’s benefits been terminated or reduced due to an overpayment?
  • Have you been denied or terminated from other government benefits? (e.g. Food Stamps, cash assistance, SSI, Unemployment Compensation)
  • Do you have debts that cause problems with meeting your needs, for example obtaining utilities, driver’s license, or housing?
  • Have you received any letters or notices from the IRS about your federal taxes?
  • Is the VA trying to collect money from you?


  • Have you applied for and been denied a subsidy to help pay for housing?
  • Is your rent subsidy being terminated?
  • Does your apartment need repairs that your landlord refuses to make?
  • Has your landlord given you a notice to leave your apartment or are you being evicted?
  • Are you behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure?


  • Are you afraid for your safety because of someone who lives with you?
  • Are you afraid for your child’s safety?
  • Does your child have problems in school with learning or with behavior?


  • Do you have trouble accessing health care because of your discharge status?
  • Do you have trouble filling your prescriptions for medication?


  • Do you have a criminal record that prevents you from getting a job?
  • Have you been denied a professional license (e.g. barber, day care provider, STNA?)
  • Do you need your driver’s license reinstated in order to work?

If YES, contact The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland for help. Choose the option easiest for you from the other side of this flyer. When you contact Legal Aid, remember:

  • You will have to provide income information to determine your eligibility for services (Legal Aid only serves people who have a low income in Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake and Lorain Counties);
  • You will have to provide copies of any relevant papers and Legal Aid will often send you papers to sign and return before they can help you; and Legal Aid will try to offer information and assistance whenever possible.

Click here for an informative flyer you can print and share with others!

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