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Special Education Glossary of Terms

Ohio Department of Education. The state agency that enforces IDEA.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The law that governs special education.

free and appropriate public education. Public school districts must provide special education services that meet the individual needs of the student at no cost to the parent.

multi-factored evaluation. The test to determine if a student qualifies for special education (broader term for the ETR).

evaluation team report. The report that contains the scores and results of the special education evaluation.

individual education plan/program. Determines what special education services the student will receive, where the student will receive those services, and what goals the student is trying to achieve that year.

504 Plan
The plan for students identified as having a disability under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act; describes what accommodations will be provided to help the child have the same access as regular education students to an education.

least restrictive environment. The team decides where the student will receive special education services.

extended school year. When special education services need to be provided over the summer.

occupational therapy/therapist

physical therapy/therapist

speech language pathologist

manifestation determination review. When a special education student is facing a suspension or expulsion of over 10 days, the team must decide if the student's behavior is related to the student's disability.

functional behavior assessment. The report created by an intervention specialist using data collected about observations of the child before, during and after incidents that lead to trouble in school.

behavior intervention plan. The plan put together by school staff and parent to address behaviors of child and the factors leading up to these behaviors in an effort to prevent them or reduce them.

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