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My child has an IEP, but she is still having problems in school. Do I need to have the IEP changed?

If your child is still having problems in school, the school may not be following the IEP or your child's needs may have changed.

  • You can request an IEP meeting at any time.
  • Your child must be re-evaluated every three years.
  • IEP's must be reviewed by the IEP team once every year.

*If your child is on an IEP he or she has extra rights and protections for suspensions and expulsions.

**If your son or daughter is on an IEP and has been removed from school for more than 10 days total in any school year, the school must hold a Manifestation Determination Review hearing before that child can be removed from school. If a child on an IEP is removed from school then he or she is still entitled to receive an education, usually in the form of home instruction.

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