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I have an administrative hearing scheduled but do not speak English. What are my rights?

Federal law states that you have the right to an interpreter in an administrative hearing if you are a person with limited English proficiency (LEP). This means that you do not speak, read, write, or understand English fluently. Additionally, LEP individuals who are not involved in the administrative hearing, but who need to be there, like a parent or guardian, also have the right to an interpreter. Your family members or children should not be used instead of a qualified interpreter from the agency/organization. LEP individuals have the right to participate in administrative hearings in the same way as someone who speaks and understands English fluently.

Examples of agencies that must provide you with an interpreter: courts; U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services; Social Security; Veterans Administration; IRS; Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services (Unemployment Compensation & welfare office); Medicaid office; Bureau of Motor Vehicles; public housing agencies; and public and charter/community schools.

Asking for an interpreter:

  • Ask an employee of the court, agency, or organization for an interpreter.
  • If the person you ask says no: ask for a supervisor, customer service representative, or ombudsman (person who hears complaints).

What to do if you do not receive an interpreter:

  • If you still do not receive an interpreter, you may file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).
  • You can file a complaint by either sending a letter or using DOJ’s complaint form.  The form is on DOJ’s website.  You can do this in either English or your first language.
  • The complaint should explain when and how the agency did not give you an interpreter or how they did not speak to you in a language you can understand.
  • Please keep a copy of the complaint for your records.
  • The letter or form should be sent to:                             Interpreter Address Info Block





  • DOJ Website:
  • DOJ Phone: 1 - (888) 848-5306
  • DOJ will respond to you with a letter or phone call.


This article was written by Legal Aid Senior Attorney Megan Sprecher & Volunteer Attorney Jessica Baaklini appeared in The Alert: Volume 30, Issue 3. Click here to read a full PDF of this issue!

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