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Neighborhood Legal Practice

Northeast Ohio is experiencing a remarkable period of growth and revitalization.  At the same time more than one-third of Cleveland residents live in poverty.  Although the foreclosure “crisis” is reported to be over, foreclosure and vacant property rates remain high.  Access to affordable, healthy housing is limited, access to credit is limited, and people with low income face numerous barriers to employment.

The goal of Legal Aid's Neighborhood Legal Practice is to ensure that Cleveland’s renaissance does not leave behind low-income individuals and families.  Legal Aid uses community lawyering strategies and works in partnership with other organizations to transform neighborhoods and have lasting impact.

Neighborhood Legal Practice activities include partnership-building, legal assistance, community education and outreach, and advocacy on systemic issues.  The Project’s goals are to ensure that people with low-income live in strong, supportive neighborhoods, have safe, stable housing, have access to credit, and are able to qualify for available employment.

Currently, Neighborhood Legal Practice focuses on four Cleveland neighborhoods:  Kinsman, Central, Hough, and Broadway/Slavic Village.

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