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Five-Year Giving Society

The following people have provided annual support to The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland for 5-9 years as of 12/31/2018

Anonymous (11)
Jennifer and Daniel Adams
Rajeev Adlakha
Thomas Aldrich
John Allerding
Brian and Lindsey Ambrosia
Robert Anderle
Anthony Andricks
James Aronoff
Jurgita Ashley
Keith and Marie Ashmus
Todd and Norma Atkinson
Steven Auvil and Elise Hara
Clifford and Monica Babcock
Lynn Ballard
Blair Barnhart-Hinkle and William Hinkle
Benjamin and Mary Jane Barrett
Frank Bartela
Heather and Matt Bartzi
Brian and Megan Bash
Cathleen and Lee Baskey
Fred Bauer
Magistrate William Baughman and Maryan Baughman
Karl and Amanda Bekeny
Edward and Denise Bell
Lawrence and Nancy Bell
Jodell Bender
Bill and Ellen Berglund
Neil and Kavitha Bhagat
Cynthia Binns
Richard Binzley
Barton and Kim Bixenstine
Stephen Blake
Howard and Deborah Bobrow
Kip and Catherine Bollin
Derek Bork
Kenneth Bossin
Nicole Braden Lewis and Zach Lewis
Matthew Brady
Jeffrey and Kami Brauer
Patrick and Jacqueline Brickman
Gilbert and Darcy Brosky
Julie and Ben Brouhard
Leslie Brown
Barbara Buda
Thomas Buford
Donald and Sara Bulea
Robert Burger
Eileen M. Burkhart & Co.
Thomas Butchko
Kenneth Cahill
Julie Callsen and Brad Pohlman
Jeremy and Brooke Campana
Margaret and George Cannon
Ann Caresani
Peter and Rita Carfagna
Terrence Carl
Lawrence and Andrea Carlini
James Carlson and Linda Striefsky
Joseph Carney
Erica Carpenter
John and Susan Carroll
Christopher and Kelley Caryl
Robert and Melanie Casarona
Michael and Christina Chase
Vincent and Carolyn Cheverine
Elaine Chimo
James Chin
Thomas Chizmar, Jr.
Anastasia Christman
Susan Audey and Eugene Clair
Judge Maureen Clancy
George Coakley
Thomas and Victoria Collin
Amanda Condon
Kari Coniglio
John Corlett
Lawrence Corman
Timothy Coughlin
Brandon Cox
Thomas and Maria Coyne
Michelle and Richard Creger
Joshua and Julie Crocker
Justin and Penelope Croniser
Kathleen Crowley
M. Patricia Culler
Mallory Curran and Keith Romer
Andrea Daloia
Eric and Jacquelyn Daniel
Marc Dann and Kathy Clingerman Dann
C. Lynne Day
Richard Dean
Gregory DeGulis
Maria Del Monaco and Nathan Steinberg
Kathleen DeMetz
Frank and Wendy DeSantis
Steven Dettelbach and Karil Bialostosky
Michael and Amy Diamant
Dominic and Julie DiPuccio
Susan Dirks
James and Denise Dixon
James and Sara Doan
Catherine Donnelly
Judge Michael Donnelly and Nancy Donnelly
Jennifer Dowdell Armstrong
William Doyle
John Drain, Jr.
Elizabeth Dreben and Hillel Chiel
David and Amy Drechsler
Daniel and Paula Dreyfuss
Jeffrey and Amy Dunlap
Melvyn and Susan Durchslag
Joel Eagle
Gary and Pamela Ebert
Sherry Epstein
Andrew and Leigh Fabens
Judge Colleen Falkowski
Emily Farinacci
Philip and Dana Fastenau
Stephen and Jennifer Fazio
Robert Fedor, Jr.
Thomas Feher
Gregory Feldkamp
Carol and Jack Filak
Andrew and Michelle Fiorella
Nicole Fiorelli
Timothy Fiorta
Henry and Marsha Fischer
Timothy and Tamela Fitzgerald
Sarah Flannery and Philip Slaght
Shelley Fleming
Robert and Laura Fogarty
Heidi Friedman
Francis Fungsang
Richard and Robbin Garcia
Mark Gardner
Michael and Kathryn Garvey
Michael and Amy Garvin
Lisa Gasbarre Black
Jorge Gatica
Leslie Gentile
Melvin and Diane Ginsberg
Carol Gobel
Steven Goldberg
Tamar Gontovnik
James Graham and David Dusek
Alicia Graves
Cathryn Greenwald
Magistrate Edward and Cecelia Gregory
David and Rini Grover
Patrick and Ruth Haggerty
John and Linda Hallbauer
Jeanne and Matthew Hammerstrom
Brett Hammond
Robert Hanna
Michael Harris
Rebecca and Joseph Haverstick
Matthew Hawes
Jeffrey Healy
John and Teri Heer
Harold and Linda Henderson
James Henderson
William Henry
Donald Herbe
Harlan Hertz and Colette Gibbons
Shelly Hillyer
Joel and Mara Hlavaty
Peter Hochberg and Maxine Singer
Alan Hochheiser
Laura Kingsley Hong
William Hubbard
Maura Hughes
Laurie Humphrey
John Hutchinson
Edward and Mary Icove
William Jacobs
Erica James
Paul Janowicz
Jim and Terry Juliano
Marvin and Leslie Karp
Grant Keating
James Keating
Kris Keniray
Richard and Mary Kenney
William Kerner, Sr.
Eduardo and Jessica Kim
Elizabeth Kimmel
John and Dolores Kirn
Adrienne Kirshner
Matthew Kissling
Jonathan and Abbie Klein
Adrienne Knauer
Dena Kobasic
Lee and Margery Koosed
Alan and Susie Kopit
Lee and Melissa Korland
Martin and Nancy Kosmin
Keith and Kristen Kraus
Patrick Krebs
Harvey Kugelman and Karen Rubin
Deanna and Elroy Kursh
Julie Lady
Samuel and Deborah Laferty
Brian and Shelly Lamb
Robert and Linda Lampus
Dennis and Kim Lansdowne
Kenneth Lapine
Melissa Laubenthal
Robert and Kathleen Lawry
Edward Leader
Thomas Lee
Richard and Polly Legenza
Alan and Barbara Lepene
Scott Lepene
Diane Leung
Herbert and Harriet Levine
John and Diane Lewis
John Lewis
Raymond and Wendy Ling
Robert and Maureen Loesch
Julia and Jeffrey Love
Janet Lowder and David Kincaid
David Lowe
Lisa Lowe and Rabbi Steven Denker
Michael Lyford and Sonja Rajki
Stephen Macek
Sean Malone
Kent Mann
Karen Manning
Kevin and Sheila Margolis
Richard and Margaret Margolis
Dante Marinucci
Stephen and Nancy Markus
Amanda Martinsek
Paul Mason
Eileen and Kenneth Mathews
Alicia Mazzi
Brendan and Andrea McCarthy
Mark and Karen McCarthy
Christopher and Gaylee McCracken
Kevin McDermott
Robert and Dorothy McDonald
John and Mary McGowan
Patrick and Martha McGraw
Benjamin McKelvey
Conor McLaughlin
Brian McMahon
Rebecca Ruppert McMahon
Eugene Medina
David and Sandra Mellott
Lesya Melnyk
Clifford Mendelsohn
Nate and Jenn Mesko
Brian and Kristen Mikelbank
Marcia Mikolaj
Chelsea Mikula Tomko
Brett Miller
David Mills
Ronald Mills
Ernestine Milton
Donna Mitchell
John Mitchell
Thomas and Ginger Mlakar
Ed and Kim Moore
Jeffrey Moore
Joseph Morford
Peter and Kristin Morrison
Marian Morton
Gordon and Barbara Moser
Norma Mudry
Patrick and Carlene Murphy
Douglas Musick
David Naftzinger
Patricia Nagorski
Matthew Nakon
Adam Nazette
Andrew Northman
Jenifer Novak and Timothy Spirko
Aaron O'Brien
Matthew and Barbara O'Connell
Gary and Elissa Okin
Leslie Ortega
Lawrence Oscar and Jeanne Shatten
Judge Diane Palos
Zachary and Deborah Paris
Anna Parise
Drew Parobek
Jacqueline Pasek and Michael Quinlan
Christian Patno
Stephen Penrod
Patrick and Sharon Perotti
Rachel Perry
Stacey Picard and Mark Maus
Taylor Pierce and Eric Zell
Lori Pinjuh
Cheryl Pizzuli
William and Susan Plesec
Ann and Gerard Porath
Marlon Primes
Howard and Elisa Rabb
Susan Racey
Dustin and Meggan Rawlin
Kip and Sarah Reader
Alexander and Allison Reich
William Reichard
Andrew Renacci
Melvyn Resnick
Rod Rezaee and Sara Schiavoni
Sonja Rice
Matthew Ridings
Alan and Debbie Ritchie
Thomas and Corry Ritzert
Jennifer and Timothy Roach
Thomas and Grace Robenalt
Retired Judge Kenneth and Rebecca Rocco
Mark Rodio
Amanda and Jonathan Roe
Nancy Rogoff
Jan Roller and David Abbott
Barbara Roman and Richard Dorman
Dennis Rose
Irving Rosner
Harold Ross
Ann Rowland and Gordon Kinder
Charles Royer
Adam Russ and Jaclyn Staple
Judge Anthony Russo
Amy Ryder Wentz
Joel and Carie Sacco
Patrick Saccogna
Judith Saltzman and Richard Rogen
John Sands
Thomas and Anita Scanlon
David Schindelheim
James Schneider
Thomas and Patricia Schrader
Patricia Schraff and Jerry Micco
John Schriner and Shana Samson
Paul Schumacher, Jr.
Nancy Schuster
Karen Seawall and Greg Warren
Robin Sue Seiger
Richard Selby II
James Sestak
Farhad Sethna
Cathy Shibley
Terry Shilling
Harry Sigmier
David and Cheryl Simon
Jill Smialek
Robyn Minter Smyers and Bertrand Smyers
Joyce and David Snow
Christine and Donald Snyder
Randall Solomon and Nancy Glick
James and Susan Spallino
David Sporar
Kathleen St. John
Christopher St. Marie
Jonathan Stender
Susan Stephanoff and George Haddad
Robert and Juanita Storey
Carter and Deedra Strang
Joshua and Maria Strickland
Susan Strom
Jennifer Sullivan
James Sullivan and Gabrielle Brett
Annette and Mark Sutherland
Joseph and Rosalie Svete
Marc Swartzbaugh
Patrick and Sallie Sweeney
Kevin Tabor
Jo and Matthew Tatarko
Jennifer Teeter
David and Maryann Thomas
Chris and Aimee Thorman
James Timmerberg
Frank and Victoria Titas
Kristy Titus
Robert Tobik
Jodi and Jeffrey Tomaszewski
Catherine and Thomas Tompkins
Mary Jane Trapp and Mike Apicella
Tina Tricarichi
Commissioner Daniel Troy
Robert and Karen Tucker
Curtis and Marisa Tuggle
Roy and Deborah Turnell
Geoffrey Turoff
Andrew and Sue Turscak
Angela Tyler
Michael Ungar and Deborah Warner
Nancy and Terrence Valentine
Mark Valponi
Jaclyn Vary
Rinda and John Vas
Missia and Michael Vaselaney
Matthew Vaughan
Katarina Waag
Sandra Walker
David Wallace and Sharon Sobel Jordan
Erik and Melissa Walter
Douglas and Holly Wang
Robert and Victoria Ware
James and Jessica Warren
Lisa and Richard Wascak
Steven and Joni Wasserman
Laura Watson Schultz
Ronald Wayne
Brandi Weekley
Charles and Lucy Weller
Rosie Wenstrup
Alicia Whiting-Bozich
Christopher Wick
Scott and Erica Wilkov
Dean Williams
Harold and Bonnie Williams
Ryan and Hayley Williams
Ryan Winkler
Amelia Workman Farago and Michael Farago
Sharon Woznicki
Michael and Barbara Yaksic
Joseph Yonadi, Jr.
Kevin Young and Maria Russo Young
Sandra Zagarell
Eric and Amanda Zalud
Peter Zawadski
Ted and Diane Zawadski
Michael and Rachel Zbiegien
Robert and Eva Zunich
Thomas and Beth Zych