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Education: What Do I Need to Know About School During COVID-19?

When will schools reopen?

Schools are closed through May 1. They might not reopen this school year.

Will my student be able to graduate this year?

Students can graduate if they were on track to graduate before the schools closed. Schools will be deciding on a case by case basis if your student was on track to graduate. You should talk to your child’s teacher or principal about your school’s process for deciding who will graduate.

My student didn’t pass the third grade reading test. Will they have to stay behind?

Schools are not doing any more reading testing this year. Students will not be held back based on their scores when the schools closed.  The child’s principal and teacher will make the recommendation whether the child has enough reading skills to move on to the fourth grade.  You should talk to your child’s teacher or principal about your school’s process for making this decision.

Are internet or computer-based schools closed?

No. Online schools are still open.

Does a school have to provide educational services during the temporary school closure?

Schools have to give students a certain amount of education hours per year. To find out what your student should get in a normal school year, click here. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year schools are allowed to provide online instruction or packets available on their websites instead of meeting these hours.

What educational services are the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) providing during the school closure?

CMSD is providing packets for each grade level. The packets can be picked up at the meal distribution sites or downloaded from

You can print the materials for free at any Staples location. There is a limit of 50 pages of free printing per day.  Hopefully more information will be available soon about how CMSD students with disabilities will receive instruction during the school closure.

Are schools still serving meals?

All schools may continue to serve meals to school age children even while closed because of COVID 19.  The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is providing lunch and a breakfast for all children under 18 at 22 schools. For more information, visit:

Where can I go for more information about the school closure and resources for my child?

The Ohio Department of Education is updating Frequently Asked Questions here:

The Cleveland Metropolitan School district is posting updates here:

Your school or school district may be posting updates on their website or have information available when you call the district’s phone number.

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