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Education: What Do I Need to Know About School During COVID-19?

If my child’s school is only remote or learning virtually, when will they go back in person?

Each School District will decide when it is safe to resume in person learning based on recommendations from the Department of Health.  Contact your school district to find out what options are available.

Does my school district still need to educate my child?

Yes, but it may look different.  There may be a combination of live virtual instruction, recorded sessions, and in-person instruction depending on your school district.

What educational services are the Cleveland Metropolitan School District providing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As of March 2021, CMSD is offering different school options to families.  Students can continue to attend school virtually or could choose a hybrid option which includes some in-person school and some remote school.  For more information about CMSD, see: Hybrid Learning / Hybrid Home (

Are schools still serving meals?

All schools may continue to serve meals to school age children even while remote because of COVID 19.

In The Cleveland Metropolitan School District, families can do daily meal pick-ups at all K-8 schools or weekly pick-ups at most high schools.  For more information, visit,

Where can I go for more information and for resources for my child?

The Ohio Department of Education is updating its Restart and Reset Education information here:

The Cleveland Metropolitan School district is posting updates here:


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