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Bruce’s Legal Aid Story

Posted October 22, 2021
1:47 pm

It’s hard to believe I moved to Cleveland 40 years ago. Once I arrived, it was important for me to give back to my community – and one of the ways I did that was to get involved with Legal Aid, not only by donating money, but also volunteering to represent people who came to Legal Aid looking for help.

I encourage you to join me and support Legal Aid today.  Here’s why your support is impactful - one case I worked on was for an elderly woman who was scammed by people who claimed they could waterproof her basement. On top of shoddy service, they duped her into a $10,000 loan with an extreme interest rate. I was able to hold the contractor accountable, renegotiate the loan, and get exceedingly favorable terms for her. She was just the nicest person and more than grateful.

The interesting thing about this case, and others I’ve worked on for Legal Aid, is that it wasn’t technically within my expertise. I’m mainly an employment litigator; consumer problems about waterproofing aren’t exactly in my wheelhouse! But the great thing about doing volunteer cases for Legal Aid is that your expertise as a lawyer, regardless of the issue central to the case, is so helpful to these folks. They are really struggling to get someone to help them, and to listen to them. They will thank you many times over.

Of all the cases I’ve handled as an attorney, I have to say that representing this elderly client on behalf of Legal Aid was one of the real satisfactions of my career, putting your law degree to good use.

I encourage everyone to volunteer and take legal cases that might even be a little outside of your comfort zone –you will be rewarded tenfold in the feeling you get from helping people in need. Legal Aid makes the process very easy.  Visit this link to view current cases available:

Legal Aid provides mentorship, support and lots of training through CLE programs for volunteers.  And, if you aren’t in a position to take a case, then make a gift at

Either way, you’ll be glad you made the investment.

Testimonial from Attorney Bruce Hearey.


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