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ACT 2 Volunteer Profile: Deborah Coleman

Deborah Coleman

When Deborah Coleman left her position at Hahn Loeser & Parks in 2013, her next step was to open her own firm focusing on arbitration, mediation, and professional ethics. She also took this opportunity to dramatically increase her pro bono involvement. For over fifteen years, she had been a volunteer with Legal Aid, taking one case at a time, every once in a while. Since re inventing her practice three years ago, Deborah has volunteered over 200 hours of her time – handling several cases at a time – to ensure shelter, safety, and economic security for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

“With just a few exceptions,” Deborah says, “the cases I’ve taken present familiar legal issues—breach of contract claims, dealing with an insurer, real estate disputes. My clients are typically the working poor, who lack the resources to unpack or readily resolve their problems.”

“I enjoy helping individuals understand their options, implement a strategy and, if possible, improve their situation,” she continued. In a recent matter, Deborah was able to assist clients in renegotiating their land contract, getting the land contract forfeiture case against them dismissed, and getting the property taxes reduced to reflect market realities. “My clients had poured four years of sweat equity into making the house they bought livable, and now have the prospect of being able to keep it affordably.”

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