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12 Angry Jurors - a benefit for Legal Aid

Oct 22

Oct 22, 2023
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Auditorium (and a livestream link will be emailed to all ticket holders for virtual at-home viewing, too!)
1375 East 9th Street, 2nd Floor Cleveland, OH 44114

Jon Leiken and friends will present a staged reading of 12 Angry Jurors as a benefit for The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.

The adaptation of Reginal Rose's classic play explores the deliberations of a jury - and helps us challenge our assumptions and biases.  It also reminds us of the importance of putting analytical abilities to use, to be comfortable with the discomfort of uncertainty and doubt, and the power of racism to obscure the truth.

Leiken and friends are presenting this reading to honor Legal Aid's mission and values.  12 Angry Jurors explores how our actions (or inaction) have consequences.

Cast features: Michael Jeans, Robyn Minter Smyers, Toni Cervino, Peter Lawson Jones, Leon Bibb, Beth Grove, Brandt Butze, Jonathan Leiken, Zavier McLean, Colleen Mahoney, John Gidez, Avery Friedman, and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Michael Donnelly.

JOIN US: attendance is free, make reservation below.
And, donations are strongly encouraged.
All proceeds benefit The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. 

Thanks to our sponsors (as of 9/21/2023)!

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