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Cleveland Browns Coach Stefanski Addresses Legal Aid Ambassadors

Posted August 20, 2020
1:00 pm

On June 4th, Legal Aid hosted a Zoom event to welcome our 2020 Partners In Justice, who are Legal Aid ambassadors at more than 60 law firms and corporations. These engaged supporters help encourage financial and volunteer support and increase the community’s understanding of Legal Aid. As the meeting came to a close, Legal Aid surprised everyone with a very special guest: Cleveland Browns Head Coach, Kevin Stefanski.
Coach Stefanski shared his perspective on the importance of Legal Aid and legal representation in this country. He said he has held team meetings with the Browns to discuss what they can do to help battle racism and injustice in our society. Finally, Coach Stefanski commended Legal Aid and our Partners in Justice for the way we are helping the community “right there on the front line.”

Coach Stefanski on Zoom
Coach Stefanski on Zoom

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