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Advocate Training: Help for Clients with Suspended Driver’s Licenses

May 19

May 19, 2023
12:00 pm-1:00 pm

virtual - via Zoom

Help for Clients with Suspended Driver’s Licenses Facing the Dilemma: No money, No license; No License, No money.

This training will cover Ohio’s debt-related driver’s license scheme and the ways that drivers can lose their license when they are unable to pay court fines or fees, insurance costs, damages from an accident or reinstatement fees to the BMV.

Presenters will explain:

  • common scenarios that put people in the catch-22 of needing to pay to get their license back but not being able to drive to a job to earn money;
  • steps that drivers can take to resolve their suspensions, including the BMV amnesty program, payment plan options, driving privileges, bankruptcy and more;
  • and how the BMV and the Courts work together and how drivers must navigate both systems to resolve their license suspension.

This training will focus on giving professionals the knowledge and tools needed to more effectively help their clients address debt-related driver’s license suspensions.

Continuing Education:
1 hour of free continuing education credit is pending with the Ohio Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapist Board

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