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Advocate Training: Federal Student Loans - Preparing for the Return of Repayment

Apr 28

Apr 28, 2023
12:00 pm-1:00 pm

virtual - via Zoom

The federal student loan payment pause is expected to expire in June 2023.

This presentation will provide advocates with the tools they need to help their clients navigate the return to repayment, including:

  • an introduction to the basics of student loan law;
  • a look at the new income-driven repayment program that will benefit most low-income borrowers;
  • an overview of loan discharge and forgiveness programs that your clients could be eligible for;
  • a review of time-limited programs for borrowers in default and those who have been in repayment for decades;
  • and an update on the status of the government’s one-time cancellation program.

We will also provide a toolkit and technical assistance to participants so you can provide outreach and education to your clients in need of help with student loans.

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