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Client Story: Medical-Legal Partnership Helps Mother Access Crucial Benefits

While pregnant with her second child, Renee Appelmans (name changed to protect client privacy) spent four days at University Hospitals due to illness. Upon discharge, she tried scheduling a follow-up appointment but found out that her Medicaid had been terminated. To make matters worse, the food assistance benefits she relied on to feed her family had been canceled as well. Thankfully, University Hospital's Medical-Legal Partnership with Legal Aid quickly connected Renee to expert legal representation. A paralegal at Legal Aid identified why Medicaid had denied further coverage to Renee: the administration lacked certain necessary information about her case.  The paralegal worked with Cuyahoga County Job and Family Services (CCJFS) to obtain the requisite information and helped Renee receive Medicaid once again. In the meantime, Renee spent months re-applying for food stamps, only to be placed on hold for hours without hearing a live person. Renee’s Legal Aid attorney contacted CCJFS and requested an expedited phone interview for her client. Soon afterward, Renee was interviewed and approved for $194 in food assistance benefits.

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