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Client Story: With Help From Medical-Legal Partnership, Man Helps his Brother Access Social Security

Brothers Jonathan and Noah Schiller (names changed to protect client privacy) have been living together for years, and always have each other’s backs. Sadly, Noah is battling terminal cancer, and he is worried about Jonathan’s financial situation when he passes. Jonathan is 63 and has a developmental disability. His only source of income comes from a life insurance policy.

Noah was receiving care at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center and had heard about the hospital’s Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) with Legal Aid. He referred his brother to the MLP, and an attorney helped Jonathan apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Thanks to the attorney’s expert guidance throughout the entire application process, Jonathan’s request was approved. His first SSDI check was for $2,313, and he will continue to receive $580 a month.

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