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Tenant Information Line Continues Legacy of Cleveland Tenants Organization

Posted February 5, 2018
7:30 am

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland now staffs the Tenant Information Line for rental housing questions (formerly staffed by Cleveland Tenants Organization).

Renters throughout Northeast Ohio can call the following numbers during during business hours if they need information about their rights and responsibilities. This is an information line only, and those with legal questions may be referred to Legal Aid’s intake or a neighborhood legal advice clinic:

in Ashtabula, Lake, Geauga and Lorain Counties:

in Cuyahoga County:

Legal Aid is proud to continue part of the Cleveland Tenants Organization legacy by staffing the Tenant Information Line. The Cleveland Tenants Organization was created in 1975 after the passage of the Ohio Landlord Tenant Law by Ohio’s General Assembly in 1974. In addition to the Tenant Information Line, Legal Aid is also continuing the legacy of the Cleveland Tenants Organization’s eviction diversion programs, which play an important role in helping tenants understand their legal rights when faced with eviction.

Founded in 1905, The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland provides information and civil legal services in areas of law that impact safety, health, housing, economic security, employment and domestic relations. These services are provided at no cost to families living in poverty, helping ensure fairness for all in the justice system. Our attorneys and volunteer lawyers keep families together by preventing foreclosures and evictions, create pathways to education and employment opportunities by removing barriers, and secure safety for individuals and families who face domestic violence.

Legal Aid is uniquely qualified to inherit this work of the Cleveland Tenants Organization. Our information, advice, and counsel are needed now more than ever as Northeast Ohio struggles with multi-generational poverty that holds back the region and its residents. Legal Aid’s work is proven to foster fairness, empower individuals and eliminate many of the barriers that block families living in poverty from financial stability and greater engagement in their communities.


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