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from The Columbus Dispatch: Is your driver’s license suspended? New Ohio court ruling may allow you to get it back

Posted January 26, 2024
8:07 pm

By Max Filby

Some Ohioans who lost their license for driving uninsured and getting in a car accident may soon be able to get their credentials back following a Thursday court ruling.

Ohio's 10th District Court of Appeals ruled that the state's Bureau of Motor Vehicles must lift a suspension on someone's license if an insurer hasn't attempted to collect on a financial claim filed against the driver for an accident they caused while driving uninsured 15 years ago or more, court records show.

More than 1 million Ohioans had a suspended driver's license as of 2022, according to the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. Several thousand of those Ohioans would likely fit the criteria to regain their driver's license following this ruling, said attorney Evan Lewis, who argued this case before the appeals court.

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