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Where can I find my public eviction record? Can anyone see it?

There is no single, official place to find eviction records in Ohio. Eviction cases usually are filed in the municipal court of the city in which the rental property is located. A person interested in locating eviction records can look in the court’s case index in the individual municipal court. For example, eviction cases filed regarding property located in Cleveland, Ohio, can look in the Cleveland Municipal Court’s case index, on the Clerk of Court’s website. Records for evictions from properties in Euclid will be on file with the Euclid Municipal Court, etc. Some small cities share a court; the shared court for the city will keep its records.

The fact that an eviction has been filed against a tenant may show up on a tenant’s credit report. The credit report companies check the dockets of many municipal courts to report anyone who has a case filed against them. So, someone who reviews your credit report may see that an eviction has been filed against you.

There also are some private companies that a landlord, or others, can pay to search public records for information about you. Those companies could check the records of all municipal courts in the county or the state, and report back the courts in which cases were filed against you.

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