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Brief Advice and Referral Clinics

The Brief Advice and Referral Clinic is a neighborhood clinic staffed by members of area law firms, government agencies, or other private attorneys.

The clinics generally are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis and address a variety of civil legal problems. On occasion, a clinic will have a specialty focus, such as immigration, family law issues, employment, or consumer issues.

The clinic provides an opportunity for an individual to meet one-on-one with an attorney for a limited period of time about his or her problem. The attorney commitment for the Brief Advice & Referral Clinic is limited to trying to help that morning with advice or direction. Individuals are advised of the limited scope of attorney engagement at the time of intake triage so that there is no misunderstanding about the level of service being provided. If an attorney, however, would like to accept a case for extended representation, the case will be processed as a pro bono referral.

Brief Advice and Referral Clinic volunteer attorneys are available for brief advice and referral only.   Clinic attorneys do NOT represent you. If you need legal representation you may be referred to The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland or another service provider.

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