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Ten-Year Giving Society

The following people have provided annual support to The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland for 10-14 years as of 12/31/2018

Anonymous (2)
Thomas Adams
Ilah Adkins
David and Phyllis Alden
Anonymous Anonymous
Jason and Shruti Aring
Kevin Barnes
Nancy Barnes
Susan Beck
Todd and Stacey Behrens
Mark Belasic
Mark and Rebecca Bennett
Ann Bergen
Suzanne and Adam Blum
Molly Brudnick
Judge Janet Burnside
Jennie Church
Retired Judge Joseph and Beverly Cirigliano
Magistrate Gregory Clifford and Karen Bryant-Clifford
Avery and Susannah Cohen
Judge Dan Polster and Deborah Coleman
Michele Connell
Timothy and Kathryn Connors
James Cooper
Kathleen Corcoran
Charles Corea
Colleen Cotter
Dale Cowan
Michael and Kim Cullers
David and Virginia Dawson
Maureen Doerner and Geoffrey White
William Doll and Carolyn Buller
Richard Donaldson
Edward and Mary Kay Donnelly
Carl Draucker and Claire Burke Draucker
Robert and Kim Ducatman
Nadine and David Eames
Michael Elliott
Joan Englund
Traci Ext and Loren Toplitz
Regan Fay and Michelle Phillips Fay
Paul and Barbara Feinberg
Emily Fiftal and Jonathan Birkes
Katherine Friedell
Judge Stuart Friedman and Arthur Kane
Judge Nancy Fuerst and John Burke
Robert Fuerst
William Fulton and Jeffrey Duber
Stephen Gariepy and Nancy Sin
Lynn Gattozzi
Kathleen Gharrity
Karen Giffen
Judge Rosemary Gold and Gerry Gold
Steven and Gail Goldfarb
Bernard and Susan Goodman
Judge Burt and Bunny Griffin
Calvin Griffith
Brian Grube
Richard and Jessica Gurbst
Douglas and Dr. Judith Haas
Daniel Haymond
Bruce Hearey
William Heine and Kathy Moore
John Heutsche
Ralph and Christine Higgins
Laura Hoag
David and Nancy Hooker
Herbert Hoppe, Jr.
Liz Huber
Donald and Marta Jack
Marilyn Jech
Carl Jenks
Alana Jochum
Linda L. Johnson and R. Mark Jones
Candace Jones
Kerin Kaminski
Judge Diane Karpinski
Ellen Keller
Amy E. Kellogg
Matthew and Linda Klaben
Lenore Kleinman
Jack Kluznik and Jeanne Cunningham
Jules and Lani Koach
James and Sandra Koenig
Karen Kohn
S. Lee Kohrman
Kathleen Kordeleski
William and Jeanne Kurtz
David and Martha Kutik
Thomas and Karen LaFond
Stephen and Ellen Lazarus
Jonathan Leebow
David and Jennifer Lenz
James Lowe
Heather and Jason Lutz
Damond and Lori Mace
Rita and Charles Maimbourg
Raymond and Nancy Malone
Richard Manoloff and Molly Clark
Jeffrey and Rosemary Margulies
Jeffrey Marks
Claire Robinson May
Lynda and Charlie Mayer
Hugh and Sue McKay
Louise and Edward McKinney
Douglas and Jani McWilliams
Kathryn and Guy Mercer
Donald and Sally Messinger
P.J. Milligan and Dayna DePerro Milligan
Leslee and David Miraldi
Kenneth Moore and Cynthia Holland
Stanley Morganstern
John and Mary Mulligan
Stephen and Bonnie O'Bryan
Richard and Jacqueline Panza
George Peters IV
Kenneth and Katherine Petrey
Daniel Petricig and Greta Fifner
Richard and Alice Petrulis
John and Victoria Polito
R. Jeffrey and Martha Pollock
Lee Powar
Julie Rabin Falck and Joel Falck
Sarah Rathke
Robert and Judith Rawson
Geoffrey and Molly Ritts
David and Laura Rowan
Maurice and Bernadette Salada
Patricia Scanlon
Charles Schaefer
Donald and Toni Scherzer
Brigitte Schiffer
Zach Schiller and Gail Long
Barbara and John Schubert
J. Gary Seewald
Ralph and Laura Skonce
Philip Star and Jane Peterson
Judge Melody Stewart
Judge Joan Synenberg and Roger Synenberg
Adrian Thompson
Mitchell and Karen Thompson
Brian Toohey and Lisa Monihan
Tracey Turnbull
Neil Vakharia and Michael Mumford
Magistrate William F. B. Vodrey
George and Barbara von Mehren
Mary Warren
David Weiss
Stephen and Joan Werber
Dennis Wilcox and Shelley Kazan-Wilcox
Christopher Williams and Cynthia Mog
Cheryl Wills
Nicole Wilson
Robert Wolff and Paula Silverman
Margaret Wong
James and Kathleen Young
Richard and Marcie Zeiger

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