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#ExtendJustice in June

Posted June 3, 2022
2:28 pm

Join me for a week-long celebration of equity and justice!

Legal Aid is special to me. I became a lawyer because I’ve always felt that the law should be a great equalizer, but the reality is that unfortunately all too often it isn't - because the people who need its protection the most lack access to representation. That’s where Legal Aid comes in.

This incredible group provides much-needed legal services to people with low incomes in Northeast Ohio, and they’ve been doing it for more than 100 years. Last year alone, Legal Aid helped more than 17,300 people in more than 6,600 cases, and thousands more through community outreach and education.

Now I’m asking that you please join me if you’re able in supporting that great work by Legal Aid!

This week I’m trying to raise money to help the thousands of people in our community who will need civil legal aid this year.

We’ve got a big goal of trying to raise $3,000 by Saturday, June 11th. I would love your help to make that happen.

  • Every gift counts! Donate below or on my Facebook page, and 100% of your donation will go directly to Legal Aid.
  • Join me on Instagram Live on Monday, June 6 at 9:45am – I will be showing you an inside look of Legal Aid’s downtown Cleveland offices. Meet the organization’s leadership including Colleen Cotter, Esq. – Executive Director.
  • I will wrap-up the week by volunteering at a Brief Advice Clinic. Legal Aid staff and volunteer attorneys gather to help community members with a variety of legal issues including consumer rights, domestic violence, education, employment, family law, health, housing, foreclosure, immigration, public benefits, utilities, and tax.

Legal Aid's mission is to secure justice and resolve fundamental problems for those who have low incomes and are vulnerable by providing high-quality legal services and working for systemic solutions.

Show your support today with a donation below! And if you’re comfortable, please include your contact information so I can make sure to properly thank you for your help!

Stephanie Haney is the 3News legal analyst and digital anchor. She is licensed to practice law in Ohio and California.

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