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Using Ohio’s Child Support Customer Service Web Portal

The Child Support Customer Service Web Portal allows users to find information about child support obligations, including how much they owe, and methods of payment. Click here to learn more.

The portal is organized into several pages which contain different pieces of information about your child support account.  Here is a chart that will help you figure out what page of the portal you need to look at to find the information you need.

Portal Page

Case Information

Home Page

  • View payment activity information
  • View new incoming messages from the county Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA)


My Cases Page

  • View all your open and pending closed cases


My Support Order & Payment Information Page

  • View your support order and monthly obligation information
    • View payment information
    • View and print a Payment History Report
    • Change information on page per case
    • Change information on page per order
    • Complete a IV-D application, if your case type is currently Non IV-D


My Personal Information Page

  • View your full name
  • View your birth date
  • View your residential address
  • View your mailing address
  • View your employment information
  • View your health insurance information
  • Change information on page per case


Child Information Page

  • View your child’s full name
  • View expected emancipation information
  • Change information on page per case


Make a Payment Page

  • View instructions on how to submit payments by mail
  • Look at frequently asked questions related to payments
  • Access ExpertPay to make electronic payments
  • Access e-Child’sPay to make electronic payments

Has Your Email Address Changed Page

  • View your current e-mail address that is on file with the web portal
  • Change e-mail address
  • Confirm e-mail was changed


Message Center Page

(This page will display all your messages sent and received from most recent to least recent. If you have not opened or read the message, it will display bold and be shaded blue. If you have opened or read the message, it will display as white.)

  • View un-opened/unread messages
  • View opened/read messages
  • Navigate to view message detail
  • Navigate to send a new message
  • Delete a message from the Message Center


My Child Support Calendar Page W/Payment

(This page will display a calendar of highlighted dates. If a date is highlighted green this represents a payment posting date.)

  • View current month
  • Change calendar display (view 3 prior months and one month in the future)
  • View payment posting details
  • Layer calendar when payments exist for multiple cases




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