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Can I get my criminal record sealed?

Many Ohioans struggle to find a job or housing after being convicted of a crime.   Ohio's law makers saw the difficulties faced by people with criminal records and passed a law (SB 66) that allows more people to have their criminal records sealed.

When you seal an adult criminal record in Ohio, the record is not erased. Instead, the criminal record is hidden from the public and most employers.

Even if you are eligible to seal your records, some convictions can never be sealed, including traffic and OVI/DUI offenses, serious crimes of violence, most crimes involving children, most sex crimes, and 1st or 2nd degree felonies.

Sealing a criminal record in Ohio is a “privilege,” not a “right.”  This means a judge must review each person’s application to seal a record and decide first if the person is eligible, and then whether or not to grant the sealing.

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