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Online Tool – Eviction Answer Directions

Visit this website to create an eviction answer and counterclaim:

After creating the Answer or Answer and Counterclaim, tenants need to print, sign, copy and file the papers. Instructions for how to take these steps are here.

Once you complete this online interview, you will need to file your Answer with the Court and send a copy to the Plaintiff.  To do this, you should:

  1. Print out the Answer. Sign on the line above your name.
  2. Make at least three copies.
  3. Mail the first copy to the Plaintiff or to their attorney at the address listed on the complaint. You do not have to send it by certified mail, but it is a good idea to at least get a “Certificate of Mailing” from to Post Office, to prove that you sent it.
  4. Take at least two copies to the Clerk’s Office at the Court where the Complaint was filed. The Clerk will take your copies and stamp them with the time and date that you filed them. Make sure you get one of the stamped copies to keep for your records. The other copy will stay in the Court file.

What Happens Next?

Once you have successfully filed your Answer  the Court will likely set a hearing date.

Remember: The Court will send all Notices to you at the address that you listed on your Answer. It is very important that you notify the Court if your address changes.

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