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Lead Poisoning – Know Your Rights!

Click here for a helpful info card which briefly highlights your rights related to Lead Poisoning.

First steps to prevention

  • The most common sources of lead are peeling paint and bare soil.
  • Contact your landlord in writing to request a repair of these conditions.

Test your Children

  • Ask your pediatrician to test your child for lead poisoning.
  • If your child’s blood lead level is above 5 μg/dl there is cause for concern.
  • If it is above 10 μg/dl the Department of Health should inspect your home.

Get Help

  • If your child is falling behind in school, ask the school in writing to evaluate them for special education and mention their lead
    poisoning. Contact Legal Aid if you do not receive a response within 30 days.
  • If your landlord refuses to repair lead hazards, contact Legal Aid.

Text FAQ LEAD to 216.242.1544 for a link to more information, including resources for homeowners.

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