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I’m a senior citizen – how can I get help making decisions about pensions and retirement?

The Ohio Pension Rights Office at Pro Seniors serves clients free of charge, who live or work in Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania regardless of age or income.  Attorneys provide specialized, direct assistance in tracking down benefits from past employers, answering questions about complicated pension laws and how they affect retirement. Pension attorneys can assist clients with making informed decisions about their pensions and retirement, whether it is a traditional defined benefit pension plan, cash-balance pension plan, 401(k), 403(b), or 457 defined contribution plan. They can also assist with pension benefits from companies that have merged or gone bankrupt.

The Pension Rights Project helps residents of any age in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee with pension issues. They also help individuals who worked in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Tennessee or worked for a company whose headquarters were there.

If you have a question about your pension, or believe you might be entitled to pension money, please call the Pro Seniors' Pension Rights Project at (513) 345-4160 toll free 800-488-6070.

You can also access this fact sheet about basic pension rights from the Pension Rights Project.

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