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I receive Social Security. Can I appoint someone to help me manage my living expenses and basic needs?

Recipients of some Social Security Benefits who need help managing their money may have a “representative payee” appointed by the Social Security Administration.

A Rep Payee can be a friend, family member, or other trusted person or it can be an organization. Regardless, a Rep Payee is responsible for paying the beneficiaries living expenses and essential needs, and helping to manage the person’s money.

The Rep Payee must follow certain SSA rules, and may not use the beneficiary’s money for the Rep Payee’s own personal gain or fail to pay the beneficiary’s expenses.

If you know about problems with a Rep Payee, the issue should be reported to SSA Office of the Inspector General.

More information about making a report is available here.  More information about the Rep Payee program can be found here and in this brochure published by Legal Aid: What I Should Know If I Have a Rep Payee.

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