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Civil legal counsel is proven to foster fairness, empower individuals and eliminate many of the barriers that block families living in poverty from financial stability and greater engagement in their communities. Legal Aid is deeply connected to the community and has established innovative programs and fostered diverse partnerships to reach its clients.

The steady growth in financial support through The Campaign for Legal Aid extends Legal Aid’s reach in Northeast Ohio and helps more families with low-income when civil legal matters threatened health, shelter, safety, education or economic security.

Civil legal counsel at the right moment stops a situation from escalating to an emergency.  Community partnerships bring Legal Aid to the places where people with low income live, seek other services, work and go to school. From these accessible, familiar locations, Legal Aid attorneys and the people they serve can begin conversations about civil legal matters at those important junctures.

The “land of opportunity” doesn’t always hold true for families living in poverty. Legal Aid lawyers play an instrumental role in helping families living in poverty overcome barriers to education,  employment, security, and housing.

Legal Aid’s efforts can effect change at the macro level, and that’s good for the region and our democracy. When Legal Aid educates community leaders and decision makers, sharing its on-the-ground insights and experiences, important community changes happen. Through their expertise in poverty law, Legal Aid attorneys create greater protection and fairness in the community.

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You are an important part of Legal Aid's growth.  With more resources, Legal Aid can grow and sustain proven programs and build new opportunities for serving families living in poverty.

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