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Texting with Legal Aid

Texting is a quick and easy way for Legal Aid to share information and get feedback.  Legal Aid uses texting in several ways.  Please be aware that Legal Aid staff do not immediately receive incoming texts, and responses may be delayed or automated. If you need help right away, please call 1.888.817.3777.  Questions about how Legal Aid uses texting can be sent to

Texting for information about Legal Aid - text 216.242.1544

Text Legal Aid for information about hours, offices, intake, advice and complaint (grievance) process.  Start your text message with the letters LAS followed by a key word, such as HOURS.  The message LAS HOURS will trigger an automatic reply letting you know the hours Legal Aid is open for new intake applications.  LAS CLINIC will prompt an automatic reply letting you know the date and location of the next Brief Advice Clinic.

Texting for legal information - text 216.242.1544

Text Legal Aid for information about legal topics such as eviction, bankruptcy, and expulsion.  Start your text message with the letters FAQ followed by the topic you want to know about.  For a list of all the topics currently available via text message, text FAQ TOPICS to 216.242.1544.  The automatic reply will include a link to more detailed information on

Texting about brief services provided

In some instances, Legal Aid provides applicants with brief service because we do not have the resources to give everyone who applies full representation by an attorney.  Brief service may include help filling out forms, directions about how to handle a problem without a lawyer, or advice about legal rights and remedies available.  Most people who get brief service from Legal Aid will later get a few text messages from Legal Aid to find out if the brief service provided was helpful.  In some instances, the text message will provide instructions for how to request additional help, if needed. These messages are automated, and staff do not routinely read reply messages.

Texting for feedback

Legal Aid also uses texting to request input from the community about our work.  People who attend community legal education presentations may be asked to respond to a text survey as way of letting us know whether or not the presentation was helpful.  Additionally, former clients of Legal Aid may occasionally receive a text survey asking about their possible experience with certain issues.  Legal Aid uses this input to inform decisions about what work the organization is doing.

Texting about a current case

Current clients of Legal Aid may get a text message from their attorney.  Text messages remind clients about appointments, request information, or ask for a phone call.  You can reply directly to your attorney.  Let your attorney know if you do not get text messages now but would like texts in the future.  You must reply to the message sent by your attorney – you cannot text your attorney directly. Also, attorneys receive these messages on their computers, not phones, so you may not get a reply right away.

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