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Are You Eligible for Emeritus Pro Bono Status?

The Emeritus Pro Bono Attorney registration status permits Ohio attorneys to provide limited legal services in association with a pro bono organization – like Legal Aid. To register for emeritus pro bono status, an attorney must submit a Certificate of Registration, an Emeritus Pro Bono Registration Application and Certification, and a Certification of Pro Bono Organization, and a registration fee of $75.

An attorney who satisfies all of the following requirements may register for emeritus pro bono status:
• Is admitted to the practice of law in Ohio;
• Has engaged in the practice of law, for a minimum of fifteen years;
• Is in good standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio;
• Has not resigned from the practice of law in Ohio, resigned from the practice of law in Ohio with discipline pending,      or permanently retired from the practice of law in Ohio;
• Has not voluntarily or involuntarily relinquished the attorney’s license to practice law in another jurisdiction to avoid    discipline or as a result of discipline imposed by a relevant authority; and
• Has not been disciplined for professional misconduct within the past ten years or been disbarred by      another jurisdiction.

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