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Paying Child Support? Here’s How To Apply for a Change.

Has your income dropped since you were first ordered to pay child support? You may be able to change the amount of child support you pay. The change is called "modification." This brochure outlines the steps you should take in applying for modification and describes the advantages, disadvantages, and requirements of applying through either your local Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) or through the courts. Also included is information on what to do if the child is no longer a minor, what may happen after you request a change, and a list of addresses and phone numbers of where to go to request a child support modification.

More information is available in this brochure published by Legal Aid: Paying for Child Support? Here's How to Apply for a Change

This brochure is also available in Spanish at:    ¿Esta pagando manutención de menores? Aquí es como puede solicitar un cambio.

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