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Am I eligible for the Prevention, Retention, Contingency (PRC) program benefits?

The Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) program is intended to provide benefits and services needed to overcome immediate barriers to help families become and stay self-supporting. An eligible family must include a minor child who resides with a parent, specified relative, legal guardian, legal custodian or another members of the household who may significantly enhance the family’s ability to achieve economic self-sufficiency; a pregnant individual with no other children; or a non-custodial parent who lives in the state, but does not reside with his/her minor child(ren). There are also income restrictions for the PRC program.

County departments of Job and Family Services may have additional funds available for people with needs related to COVID-19. Each county has its own requirements and process for getting Prevention, Retention, and Contingency benefits. In general, you must have a child living in your household or be pregnant to be eligible for this program. You must also be below a certain income level, 200% of the Federal Poverty Level for your household size. You will have to provide some verifications.

Cuyahoga: In Cuyahoga County, you may be eligible for regular PRC or COVID-19 emergency assistance. COVID-19 emergency assistance can help you with rent, utilities, food, or cleaning products. You can be eligible for this money even if you already got PRC this year. For more information and to apply, see this flyer in English or Spanish. You can get more information at this link. You can apply by filling out this form and sending it to, faxing it to (216) 987-8655, or dropping it off at a JFS office. You can also request an application by phone, or check the status of your application, by calling (216) 987-7392.

Lorain: In Lorain County, you can apply for PRC online, via a form, or by phone:

Ashtabula: In Ashtabula County, apply for PRC using this form, which you can submit via email at, or call (440) 998-1110.

Lake: In Lake County, apply for PRC using this form (English) or this form (Spanish), which you can email to, or call (440) 350-4483 or (440) 350-4011.

Geauga: In Geauga County, apply for PRC by calling (440) 285-9141.

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