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Legal Aid statement: State of Minnesota v. Chauvin

Posted April 20, 2021
5:07 pm

Legal Aid is heartened by today’s verdict and the court’s recognition that Black Lives Matter.

This case sadly serves to illustrate that we have not yet realized our country’s promise of justice for all. Our country and systems must exhibit respect for all people, and reflect the principle that Black Lives Matter.

The duty of a police officer is to protect and safeguard. The violent death of George Floyd is just one instance of police aggression that we have witnessed too frequently in our country. As this horrible case ends, we can no longer let the familiar be the accepted.

Legal Aid vehemently condemns Derek Chauvin's actions. We grieve for George Floyd, his family and community. We implore everyone in positions of leadership in our community to think critically about how we can rectify the flaws in our current system which led to this case.
Racism is entrenched in our country’s institutions. We can work together to extend justice and create change.

Legal Aid stands in solidarity with the oppressed and ignored in our community. Since our founding in 1905, we have fought for equity and justice. We know that we can achieve freedom from oppression only when we all work together – as individuals and organizations – to dismantle racism. A better world is possible.


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